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Hair Styling at Claire’s

We are official authorised users of the Goldwell and KMS California product range and these prestigious brands are recognised worldwide as being at the very top end of quality excellence.  At Claire’s we also offer the Goldwell and KMS California range of hair care products for customers to buy and use at home to ensure that their hair is well cared for between appointments!



Products at Claire’s

Claire's Best Sellers

1. KMS Moisture Revival Cream

2. KMS Tame Frizz Range

3. KMS Moulding Paste

We have a variety of specialist hair care products for sale in store at Claire’s.  Please browse below for further information:

KMS California Travel Packs

- each


Special Offer of the Moment

Goldwell – Topchic

Goldwell – Colorance and Colorance Plus

Goldwell - Elumen

Goldwell – Silk Lift

Goldwell – Inner Effects

KMS California

Cloud Nine

Goldwell Topchic

Intelligent colour for distinctive beauty - new Topchic is dedicated more than ever to a stylist’s greatest passion and motivation: being a true colour expert.  Creating distinctive beauty is your goal.  Topchic has the perfect solution: an iconic and truly intelligent colour system.

Goldwell Colorance and Colorance Plus

Goldwell Colorance is a demi-permanent hair colour that not only protects the hair, but even repairs the hair structure. The healthier the hair, the more beautiful and shining the colour result will be Goldwell Colorance Demi Colour Acid Hair Colour Coloration is a gentle hair colour than contains no ammonia. Patented technolgy with a mild pH of 6.8. Goldwell Colorance Acid Colour creates brilliant, fashionable yet naturally looking colours. Colours fade slowly and stay on tone. With Goldwell Colorance Acid Colour Hair Colour, there is no visible re-growth.

Goldwell Elumen

Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxdiant-free hair colour. Creates extra vibrant, shiny, and durable hair colour without damage. Does no contain peroxide or ammonia. The compact range of Elumen consists of 22 shades plus one clear tone. Every shade can be used to achieve fascinating colour results on various tone levels. This alone gives you a choice of 113 colour varieties – without mixing!

One of the most exciting new technological developments in professional hair colour is the new Goldwell Elumen. Now, there's more to share. Elumen is the first oxidant-free durable hair colour that works without peroxide or ammonia. Using a purely physical process, Elumen's brilliant, direct-acting, negatively-charged colour dyes are drawn deep inside the positively-charged hair shaft and held, as if by a magnet. But there's truly no fear, no commitment. With Elumen Return, the hair colourist can remove the hair colour immediately and gently with no damage simply by reversing the magnetic charge.

Goldwell Silk Lift

Goldwell Silk Lift High Performance Lightener - for strong lifting

•  High Performance Lightener with ShieldTechnology

•  For strong lifting of up to 7 levels

•  Use with SilkLift Conditioning Cream Developer only

KMS California

Your senses will be tingled into life with the latest range of hair care products from KMS California. This is hair care science designed for your needs and your individuality.

KMS California is all about fusion: technology and nature, almond and basil, aloe and vanilla, lilac and ginger – the list goes on. But what all of these pairs have in common is what KMS California call IOPR – inside out perfecting system. A powerful nutrient loaded system, IOPR delivers essential vitamins and minerals deep into your hair. This allows all those natural reconstructive and conditioning agents to get to work where they are needed, ably assisted by a range of high-performance support ingredients.

Cloud Nine

Altogether Kinder Styling

The Irons - Seriously Smooth, Sleek & Stylish

The O - Creates instant volume like no other roller

The Wands - Luxurious waves with Cloud 9 magic wands

The Accessories - Realise your style ambitions with ease, lock In your style with Sprays, Clips, Grip and hold accessories from Cloud Nine.

Goldwell Inner Effects

Goldwell Inner Effect is a luxury hair care collection that brings regeneration to your hair which you can feel instantly. Inner Effect gives your hair long, lasting colour. This luxurious hair care collection gives you specific care for more volume or more suppleness to give you your ideal hair. Goldwell Inner Effect products contains integrated colour protection for visibly longer lasting brilliance and colour intensity. Inner Effects gives amazing results, especially for damaged, dry, brittle hair.

Inner Effect comes in 3 different systems:

•  Goldwell Resoft & Colour Live: Pamper your dry, damaged, and brittle hair from inside – with unbelievable moisture and suppleness. Active colour protection included.

•  Goldwell Repower & Colour Live: Enable your fine, thin, or limp hair to come alive from inside – for wonderful volume full of bounce and vibrancy. Active colour protection included.

•  Goldwell Regulate: Forget the scalp problems with Goldwell Regulate! Experience the feeling of a healthy balanced scalp without dandruff, itching, or irritation. Look forward to accelerated hair growth.